We Are Slick

You love your latex, and so do we! We produce a range of products to complimnent your gear and keep it looking it's best.

Slick was set up in late 2016 to provide quality, UK-sourced products for the kinksters amongst us at a price that is affordable and fair.

Produced with care in the UK

All Slick products are produced by hand at our small-scale facility in Leicestershire - we started off creating our products for friends and playmates, and put that same care and attention to detail into every batch we produce. Slick is produced by people into latex, so you know it's the best possible product for your treasured gear.

Buy for yourself direct

Head over to the Products page to learn more abouut our products and order some Slick for yourself.

Buy for your business

Own an independent shop? Want to buy in bulk? Use the details on the Contact Us page to get in touch for information on volume discounts.


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